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14 1/2 minutes of fame.
All my songs are quick & lo-fi home recordings, one-offs & outtakes.
Most of guitar & bass parts are played with self-designed and self-made geetars.
I have been "composting" indie music since 1974 when I learned that "all you need is three chords and the truth."
Between 1987-2003 I was on hiatus and didn't even touch my guitars.
Between 2004-2007 I touched couple of times my Vox Spitfire MkVI ...
and since 2008 I have build my own guitars.
Now in my 50s I try to remember my songs and learn to play again...

All songs & lyrics by Latvis. All rights reserved.
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I use REAPER DAW for multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering.
ps. You can put authentic vinyl feeling to your recordings with free Izotope Vinyl plugin